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13 Fun Ways to Enjoy your Fire Pit or Fireplace

Low-angle view of a flagstone patio with an outdoor stone fireplace

13 Fun Ways to Enjoy your Fire Pit or Fireplace

Who in this world doesn't love a nice, warm, ambient fire? That's a rhetorical question, because of course the answer is everyone!

An outdoor fireplace and fire pit will not only add character to your home but can be the gathering place of unforgettable memories with your loved ones. There’s nothing like cozying up together on a cold winter night or having a fun campfire in the warmer seasons. If you think an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is only for toasting marshmallows, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Here is a list of fun ideas and activities that you can indulge in as a family or group!

1. S'mores City​

Did you really not think of making s’mores? These campfire treats are absolutely perfect for your outdoor fire feature, and will have your kids begging you to spend time by the fire every night. You can even try out interesting s’more recipes by putting toasted marshmallows into a bag with graham crackers and chocolate, and digging in with a fork. Or you can fill a cone with marshmallows and chocolate, roast in foil, and enjoy!


Freshly toasted smores with large white marshmallows.

2. Game Time

Kids love games, so how about a game of winking assassin? There are a few variations, but you can play by getting everyone in a circle. Have a moderator choose an “assassin” who winks at other players to “kill” them, while a “hero” tries to find out who it is! Supplement card games too or charades to keep everyone interested.

3. Read Scary Stories

​What’s a campfire without a spooky story or two? Share your favorite horror story, or make one up on your own to share with your friends. This may not be a kid friendly activity though, so maybe save this one for when the kids go to bed.

​4. Board Games and Card Games

Look for other games at your disposal too, like board games. If your family is like mine, you’ve got tons of them stashed just about everywhere. Grab that monopoly board and try not to get too competitive with your family when it comes to buying properties. Admittedly, it can be a little challenging to whip out board games in an outdoor area so if you’d rather something more fuss free, try card games instead. This also may not be too easy with a fire pit, but is certainly well suited for a fireplace.

board games to play in your patio

5. Book Club

Book clubs require a great place to relax and really get into your novel. Just imagine sitting under those stars with a crackling fire in the background. Pass some s’mores around as you discuss your favorite book. Definitely a quiet, relaxing and peaceful time to share with your loved ones.

6. Regular Stories

As mentioned, scary stories are probably not the most ideal for your kids. Well, how about sharing personal stories? Take this chance for some bonding and share with your kids stories and memories from when you were young. Or make up a story together.

7. Dance Parties

If you’ve got teenagers, you can throw a really cool party for your teen with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to set the tone. I mean who doesn’t like a good fire. Everyone will enjoy the atmosphere under the blanket of stars at night. If you’ve got a pool as well, people will love sitting right by the fire after a dip in the cool water. For adult parties, try some wine and cheese and relax in front of the fireplace with your guests.

teens dancing outside

8. Movie Night

​Drive-ins may be disappearing, but you can still have a great time watching movies outdoors. You can easily set up a projector outdoors and settle down by a warm fire to keep everyone warm while the movie’s playing.

​9. Music Night

Even if you’re not a super musical person, it can be fun to grab an instrument and just play around. Or invite a musically inclined friend to bring along his or her instrument. There’s nothing better than relaxing around a cozy fire and bonding over music together.

10. Hot Cocoa Time

We’ve already discussed s’mores, so how about hot cocoa now? If it’s cold outside and you’re trying to find a way to use your fireplace, get out some cocoa and start serving it. There are tons of flavors you can choose from, and for dessert, add a little ice cream or peppermint. Guests will stay warm on the inside and out!

11. Romantic Evening

Grab some blankets, that hot cocoa, maybe some s’mores, and have a nice romantic evening together outside in front of the fire. Not only will the sounds of the fire be soothing, but the quiet atmosphere will be perfect too.

12. Eat Outside

Set up a table or even just grab some lawn chairs to eat in front of your outdoor fireplace, alfresco style! You already know how great the atmosphere is – it’ll definitely be a refreshing change once in awhile to have a meal outside.

​13. Camping 

This one is really cool when you have young ones… Go camping without worrying about what to bring or if your kids are safe. Just bring those sleeping bags outside, maybe set up a tent, and sleep near that warm fire.

two young sibling having fun in a tent


fThere are lots of ways you can use an outdoor fire feature and lots of fun, meaningful activities you can indulge in with your loved ones. If you’re feeling uninspired and are unsure of what you can do, pick a suggestion from our list to get the ball rolling! We sure hope you have fun doing it. #comealiveoutside

David Arroyo

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