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Long Grove

Growing up as a kid my mom worked at the Long Grove Confectionery Company. Fortunately for us she would bring home samples of her delicious creations.

They looked so good you felt bad just dropping them in your mouth. You almost wanted to display them in your curio cabinet, but only for a brief moment, of course

That was so long ago and I was so young. In fact we lived in the city of Chicago, no where near this quite town. My mom who never learned to drive would have to car pool for an hour there and back everyday just to get there .

I had no idea Long Grove was even an actual town. To my knowledge all the mentions of Long Grove were followed by “Confectionery Company”. So I thought "a business it must be", boy was I wrong.

Long Grove residents count on Strictly Stone for their brick paving needs

  • Natural Gas Fire Pits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pergolas

Fast forward 30 years. Long Grove and the residents within it have become one of Strictly Stone biggest supporters. We have been blessed with the honor of being able to provide various homeowners the opportunity to create wonderful spaces outside where they can create new memories with their young ones.

photo courtesy of Jim Watkins of Flickr

The picturesque covered bridge on a snowy day delivers a small hint of what life is like in this quaint village. Look a bit closer and what do you see? Why brick pavers of course. This isn't the only place you'll see this being done. 

Brick Walkways - Brick Patios - Brick Driveways

The village of Long Grove has a great appreciation for brick paving as can be admired on the local downtown sidewalks and walkways paved in brick.

Long Grove boasts one of Strictly Stone's first large patio installs from back in 2009. The patio was 3 tiered and the seating walls were capped with custom limestone coping. The total square footage was just under 2000 square feet. The customer referred to it as "The Terrace".  It also was the the location of the second gas fire pit ever installed under the Strictly Stone name. Technically it was the 2nd and 3rd gas fire pit install since the patio was equipped with 2 fire pits. 

Picture of Long Grove Brick Driveway

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