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Winnetka, IL.

I vividly remember the first time I step foot in the town of Winnetka. I was a young 4th grader on a school field trip with Mrs. Watsons class. We visited the Winnetka Power Plant. 

I still remember grabbing a piece of coal from their pile and bringing back home with me. What a good memory. ​

I am now making new memories in this town by fulfilling the outdoor living space dreams of the local residents.  ​Recently in between appointment I took a stroll down to see the power plant and remember the days of my youth. 

For 24 years Winnetka residents have relied on strictly Stone for their brick paving needs.

  • Natural Gas Fire Pits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pergolas

Winnetka clearly displays their love for hardscaping and brick pavers along the roadsides and bridges. Handcrafted bridges can be found hidden along the roads that lead to the luxurious home that line them. As you make your way through the streets you can see a large majority of driveways paved in brick pavers. If you have the opportunity to enter their backyards you would likely be greeted by a well built outdoor living area. More than likely you will see a BBQ island and a natural gas fire pit.

Brick Walkways - Brick Patios - Brick Driveways

Winnetka is also known for the many homes that have graced the lime light such as the Ferris Buller home or the Home alone home pictured here. ​Before you go looking for 671 Lincoln Boulevard, as named in both the Home Alone movies, you should know that the actual address is 671 Lincoln Avenue.

Looks like someone needs a brick driveway. ​

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