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Driveway Pavers

Pull into your new brick driveway

Interlocking Driveway Pavers

There are many reasons you should choose Strictly Stone for your driveway paving project. You want your brick driveway to stand the test of time so proper care has to go into the installation. To assure that we employ industry certified driveway installers as they are the most knowledgeable in the industry.

So if you are truly contemplating a paver driveway or a stone driveway and have been researching driveway design ideas, maybe we can help. We have the know how to design and install a driveway that will be the envy of your neighbors.

You'll Absolutely Love Your New Brick Paver Driveway

driveway paver

Driveway designs

Driveway pavers come in many shapes, sizes and textures. A limited number of patterns are also available.

Understanding how to combine each of those elements in order to achieve creative design is what we are good at.

Paving Stones for driveway are appealing 

Elegant stone paver driveway
Creative Combinations

The wide variety of options available make it easy to take your project from ordinary to extraordinary .  

Elegant stone paver driveway

Far surpasses the life cycle of the typical asphalt drive in terms structural integrity.  Aesthetically it goes beyond the life of concrete.

Elegant stone paver driveway
Curb Appeal

Who are the Jones'? It doesn't matter because they're admiring the true beauty that is your brick driveway. 

Helen RiojasGoogle Reviewer

After seeing what a great job Strictly Stone did on my daughter's patio, I called them to design a patio for me. I was not disappointed. They did a wonderful job! I love spending time on my patio and have received many compliments. Thank you, Strictly Stone!

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Driveway Paving is our Specialty

Paving a driveway, unlike a patio, is a necessity. Whether you choose concrete, asphalt or pavers for your driveway. You need to be certain that you take more of a long term approach to it. While asphalt is inexpensive, it does not last long. Concrete is also more affordable but it cracks. Driveway pavers are the opposite. They don’t fall apart after a couple of years and have the power to flex with the weather conditions unlike concrete. This put them in a class all their own.

If you take a 15 or 20 year approach you will notice that the cost are actually comparable to the alternatives.

Paver Driveway Portfolio

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Reasons to choose strictly stone

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  • 6 Year Warranty

We are dedicated paver driveway installers. We warranty our work for a period of 6 years. We can, within 30 days, schedule a team to address any of the following issues:

  • Edging separating
  • Tire rutts
  • Intended grade is deviated
  • Jointing sand is lost