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Walkway Pavers

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Paver Walkway

​The front entryway of the house is what sets the tone for the rest of it. Whether is for personal pleasure or ease of resale, we highly recommend that every home consider landscape paving stones of natural stone or brick pavers. 

We are blessed to be able to pick from the better brick paver manufacturing companies around, Unilock, Belgard, County Materials and Whitacre Greer.

Why not take advantage of that and combine it with one of the best brick paving companies in Northwest Illinois, Strictly Stone, Inc. We can work together to combine the right colors, textures and patterns to achieve a very appealing front entryway.

You'll Absolutely Love Your New Paver Walkway

driveway paver

Front Entryway

We can transform a basic stoop in a visually appealing and practical front entryway.

Custom entryways create a desirability that transcends into those around you. The enjoyment is not left to them alone, you will also find yourself falling in love with your home all over again. 

Walkways and Front Entryway Brick Paving

Elegant stone paver driveway
Winding Path

Let the enchanting curvi-linear lines of a brick paver walkway define the garden spaces against your home. Then fill them with year round color.

driveway paver designs
Illuminated Spaces

The subtle glow not only looks amazing curbside, but it also provides a level of safety for the homeowners. The soft low level light is unobtrusive.

Elegant stone paver driveway
Curb Appeal

Improve the look of you hose dramatically yet easily with brick pavers and natural stone front entryways. A simple design can prove worthwhile. 

Helen RiojasGoogle Reviewer

After seeing what a great job Strictly Stone did on my daughter's patio, I called them to design a patio for me. I was not disappointed. They did a wonderful job! I love spending time on my patio and have received many compliments. Thank you, Strictly Stone!

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Brick Paving is our Specialty

We are not some generalists trying to tackle every type of project. We are specialists that focus on one this, Brick Paving. Our front entryways are build with more structural foundation than rear patios as they get much more use. The typical contractor follows the same practice front and back, which is what makes us different. That comes from being a 24 year industry leader.

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  • 6 Year Warranty

We are dedicated brick patio contractors. We warranty our work for a period of 6 years. We can, within 30 days, schedule a team to address any of the following issues:

  • Edging separating
  • Tire rutts
  • Intended grade is deviated
  • Jointing sand is lost