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Pool Deck Pavers

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Paver Pool Decks

Certain things were made for each other an interlocking brick pavers and pool deck are just one of those things. You already went out of your way to install a pool for your family. Why not put the icing on the cake by installing pavers around the pool. Unlike the boring and basic look of concrete pool deck pavers provide elegance and beauty.

pool pavers provide a look unmatched by concrete

driveway paver

Paver for Pool Decks

Pool deck are large and cover a bunch of space. Filling that area with a slab of concrete makes the space drab and is not appealing. Even the most basic of paver pool deck designs can look enchanting when using brick pavers or natural stone pavers.  

swimming pool pavers are more aesthetically appealing

Elegant stone paver driveway

Pool decks can cover a lot of ground. Concrete locks the spaces from future utilities or unexpected repair work. It can eventually develop voids underneath for critter to burrow. Pool pavers can be temporarily relocated, removed and reinstalled if needed.

driveway paver designs
Elegance and Tranquility

The large space a pool deck covers can be a bit boring when using a materials that have no variance in color or texture. The vast space can easily be transformed into a deck with a whimsical feel by incorporating changes in color and texture.

Elegant stone paver driveway
Infinite Options

The sky's the limit when it comes to options for your swimming pool deck. You can stick to the basics or we can introduce some unique elements. Televisions, rock slides, outcropping diving boards or fire features are some of the few.

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After seeing what a great job Strictly Stone did on my daughter's patio, I called them to design a patio for me. I was not disappointed. They did a wonderful job! I love spending time on my patio and have received many compliments. Thank you, Strictly Stone!

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creative possibilities are endless

Playing outdoors stimulates creativity. Natural spaces and materials stimulate children's limitless imagination and serve as the medium of inventiveness and creativity. Rocks, stones and dirt present limitless opportunities for play that can be expressed differently every time a child steps outside

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