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Pros and Cons of a Wood Deck and a Brick Patio

Wooden deck versus brick patio

Pros and Cons of a Wood Deck and a Brick Patio

Disclaimer: Please understand that my bias, as you may know, is towards a brick patio that is why I install them. I am a firm believer in the product, the installation procedures and more importantly what it stands for. Do understand that I tried to be as fair as possible.

Ask people how they picture their perfect home and you are bound to get various answers. Even though everyone’s vision is different, chances are most people will see their dream home with a deck or a patio. Decks and patios have become a symbol of the perfect American home. Some people prefer decks over the patios, yet others can prefer patios. It’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of both. If you are thinking about new additions to your property in the form of a deck or a brick patio, but can’t make up your mind, this article will answer all your questions and help you make the right decision.

What’s The Difference?

A huge majority of people often confuse a patio with a deck even though they are actually completely different. Let’s settle that mix-up once and for all.


elevated brick patio

This is an outdoor area which is always situated directly on top of the ground. There is also a common misconception that a patio needs to be connected to the house. That is not true because a patio can be placed anywhere on your property.

Most common patio bases are stone bases even though some homeowners prefer brick, stone, pavers, tiles or some other materials strong enough to serve as a foundation. Usually, patios are constructed without a rail and they may or may not have any kind of cover. Patios can be built to serve as a place where you will relax and socialize, fully equipped with sitting areas, barbecues and fire pits.


wooden deck

Decks are usually constructed out of materials such as vinyl or wood. Even though a deck can be built away from the house, it is always constructed on top of some kind of support, so it never touches the ground. Decks are almost always enclosed and they can be built as an extension to a kitchen, living room, upper-level room or even on a roof.

Pros of a Brick Patio

The brick patio is a classic addition to any home. They are popular all over America due to their attractiveness. They complement houses built in modern, Victorian, colonial, traditional, Cape Cod, Country, rustic, Mediterranean and contemporary architectural styles. The brick patio can be a great addition to your property, and it can significantly boost the market value of your entire property.

  • You will have wide range of color options to match the architectural style of your home since bricks are more versatile and they are available in all kinds of colors and shades
  • Even though building a brick patio is somewhat labor-intensive, you will need fewer tools as well as expertise if you decide to build it yourself
  • Brick is a 100% recyclable material, so if you are environment-friendly type of person, you will be glad to know that you can build your brick patio with reclaimed bricks
  • If brick gets damaged or broken, you can always easily replace it with a new one
  • Bricks are easy to maintain and they won’t fade
  • Brick patios usually come with a lower tag compared to a deck

Cons of Brick Patio

Even though there aren’t many disadvantages, there still are some things you need to know before you decide to build a brick patio.

  • Make sure that you buy extra bricks. This is because sooner or later, you will have to replace the damaged ones and matching a brick shade might be difficult if you don’t have any spare ones on hand
  • Hiring a contractor to build a brick patio will cost you little more than the installation cost for a patio
  • Make sure that you thoroughly compact and level the ground before you start building a brick patio because if you don’t, you will end up with uneven bricks or sunken areas

Pros of Wood Decks

Just like a brick patio, a deck has its pros and its cons, so let’s start with some good things.

  • Since it’s not that sturdy as brick patio, decks usually come with warranties
  • Wood decks can easily boost the property value of your home
  • You can install deck on any type of terrain without leveling and compact it
  • You can paint it to match the color of your home

Cons of Wood Decks

  • Wood decks come with weight restrictions so keep that in mind if you plan on installing a hot tub or something similar
  • You might need a permit if you decide to build a deck which will cost you additional money in fees and a waiting period
  • Compared to a brick patio, wood decks have a significantly shorter lifespan since it can easily root over time when exposed to outdoor elements
  • Wood deck will require more maintenance so get ready for power washing, sealing and staining
  • In general, wood decks are just not as sturdy as brick patios

Ultimate Verdict: Which Is Best For You?

Now that we have explored the differences between a brick patio and a wood deck and what can you expect from them, it is time to come to a final conclusion. AS you may have guessed, my recommendation would be to go with a brick patio (of course). But seriously it offers so much more possibilities for additions and expansion, it is sometimes cheaper/easier to build and it will last longer. Of course, that might not always be the case, depending on the terrain and location. That is why it is important for you to take your time and analyze the pros and cons of both.

David Arroyo

David Arroyo of Strictly Stone started laying brick as a summer job in high school with his father. He went on to study design at the Illinois Institute of Art which allowed him to further develop his expertise and to enhance his artistic eye. To date, David has more than 1,000 brick paving projects under his belt.