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Outdoor Kitchen Options

Outdoor Kitchen Options

Below you will find so outdoor kitchen option that we have used in the past. We are certain that you will be pleased as they have been thoroughly tested by us and our clients. We feel strongly recommending the following kitchen appliances. 

Bull Outdoor Fridge

This is an affordable solution to those wanting an outdoor fridge in their outdoor kitchen. I have had one installed in my previous home for 5 years working like a champ. 

Blaze Sideburner

blaze sideburner for outdoor kitchen

This is another affordable solution for a stand alone side burner. It is a great price by a good company. Its highly rated on Amazon as well.

David Arroyo

David Arroyo of Strictly Stone started laying brick as a summer job in high school with his father. He went on to study design at the Illinois Institute of Art which allowed him to further develop his expertise and to enhance his artistic eye. To date, David has more than 1,000 brick paving projects under his belt.