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Outdoor Lifestyles: Vacation at Home!

Strictly Stone, Outdoor Lifestyles: Vacation at Home!

Imagine a place where you can find peace & quiet and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Imagine a place where you can find peace & quiet and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Does this place have a terrace where you can soak up some sun, or an inviting swimming pool and hot tub? What about a stunning outdoor dining area with a trellis or arbor, filled with flowers and vines, where you can enjoy a romantic meal…or a dinner with family and friends? Most people go on vacation to enjoy these kinds of experiences. But Strictly Stone customers know that they can have these experiences at home!

Why travel when you can vacation at home? While the Chicago area endures harsh winters, the spring, summer and autumn months are wonderful…giving us three incredible seasons to enjoy the outdoors.

Imagine tanning poolside in your own backyard. Or having breakfast al fresco on the terrace listening to the flow of your custom-designed waterfall. Or, enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing outdoors in your own Jacuzzi. If you invest wisely, you can have the benefits of travel right at home. All it takes is stepping outside to enjoy your new Strictly Stone designed and built outdoor living space.

People who work hard deserve to live well, and not just once or twice a year, but everyday. Make returning home after work a delight and see every weekend as a vacation from the ordinary. Invite your relatives and friends to share in the fun.

Strictly Stone builds outdoor living spaces that will transform the way you live. It’s time to start dreaming. You provide the dream. We make it happen.


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