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Small Walkway in Mundelein

Small Walkway in Mundelein

After almost 30 years of installing outdoor living spaces and front entryways of all sizes, I have come to realize that my favorite entryways are the one on smaller or mid-size homes. Speaking from experience, it is so nice to come home to a place that you are so proud of. 

Nothing compares to a nice hardscaped front entryway. I personally love walking around my neighborhood to see the different approaches my neighbors take to improve the look of their homes. I'm not gonna lie and tell you that I don't come home feeling just a tad jealous. I guess that exact feeling is what may have spawned the term "keeping up with the jones's".

Needles to say I am as guilty as the rest of you. Here is a small front entryway project we installed in Mundelein near the downtown district. 

There are times that taking a "BEFORE" picture is important and this time was exactly one of those. The difference this paver brick walkway made to this house is just to hard to explain without that. 

Now imagine coming home to this. You cannot deny that fact that you feel a sense of pride. Stop imagining and give us a call. We can make you front entryway dream come true.

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David Arroyo

David Arroyo of Strictly Stone started laying brick as a summer job in high school with his father. He went on to study design at the Illinois Institute of Art which allowed him to further develop his expertise and to enhance his artistic eye. To date, David has well over 1,000 brick paving projects under his belt.

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